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Founder’s Message

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to the MOON SCHOOL OF CREATIVE SCIENCE, a unique environment that sets new standards in the edu­cation sector, built on the profound trust posed in us by parents, students, staff and the tremendous success achieved over the last years. MOON SCHOOL OF CREATIVE SCIENCE bridge the gap in the global education market delivering a unique dual-curriculum based on the IGCSC Curriculum and the Medina University guideline based Islamic studies Curriculum. It Is our promise to nurture the excellence in every child and develop God conscious, ambitious, committed young boys and girls, men and women, who, upon graduation will have preserved their cultural identities and become confident intellectuals, serving as role models in the modern world today and tomorrow and sit in the driving seat of the world. We remain fully committed to striving for excellence and to do our utmost to ensure delivery of the highest quality academics within an environment that fosters traditional values and ethos that define our credo. We encourage you to find out more about the school through this brochure, our website, school visit and interaction with our staff. Welcome to the Moon School of Creative Science.
International school of creative science
charitable and educational trust .Thodupuzha
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Managing Director’s Desk

MOON SCHOOL OF Creative Science is a unique dual curriculum school offering the best of international curriculum (IGCSE) and Islamic studies curriculum based on Madina University guidelines. It nurtures students’ 21stcentury skills and traditional values which ultimately takes them to the centre stage of the world and enable them to be the leaders and role models for the coming generations. It is my pleasure to welcome you to the MOON SCHOOL OF CREATIVE SCIENCE. At MOON, our aim is to offer the very best of academic instructions using modern teaching and learning technologies. This is delivered in an environment emphasising on Islamic principles, strong moral values, ethos and cultural traditions. My successes as a leader and years of experience at Educational management level, teaching, training, coaching and mentoring with direct engagement with students, teachers and parents both as an educator and administrator will insha allah firmly put MOON at the top of the league in the education sector sooner than later. MOON envisages state-of-the-art facilities including effective systems for communication between parents and the school. MOON through its experienced and dedicated staff is committed to providing a safe, secure, positive and supportive learning environment. It is integral to the school’s aim to instil confidence, self-esteem, moral values and life skills in every student from Kindergarten to +2. This brochure is just a brief insight into our commitment at MOON. We believe MOON is an exceptional place and trust as you go through this brochure you will become more acquainted with our highly effective school and be able to appreciate the very special place that MOON is. A warm welcome to the MOON SCHOOL OF CREATIVE SCIENCE
M Phil
Managing Director, CAO
Moon school of creative science