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Why moon school of Creative science 

The main reasons why you might want to send your child to  Moon School is as follows

Academic Excellence

The school will offer a well-balanced yet rigorous program in academic and Islamic subjects thereby providing students with a solid foundation in general academics as well as Islamic education. The school will also provide exposure to physical education in order to address the needs of the whole child.

Islamic Environment

Moon School of creative science offers an Islamic environment that promotes moral and ethical values that are part of Islamic teachings. The environment at our school is conducive to the academic, social, spiritual and physical growth of our children. It’s a place where children can practice their religion freely and be able to learn as they practice. It is a place where students are brought up in an environment where taking God’s name is not something they feel shy about. Similarly your child will learn that Salaat Is not a source of embarrassment at the workplace but source of diverse encouragement.

Islamic Education

Daily instructions of Quran, Sunnah, Islamic Studies and Arabic are part of the core curriculum that help the children learn about Islam as a Deen. We adequately prepare our students for handling issues related to Islam in the modern world. We foster social connectedness among students, enabling them to create lifelong friendships with Muslim peers that last beyond their years at Moon School. Also it is a very part of our philosophy to create an awareness of respect for other faiths and beliefs.

Arabic Language

We focus on the Arabic language to ensure that our children can listen, speak, read and write and are fluent in the Arabic language. The way we do that is by utilizing 100 % Arabic in our Arabic classes, Islamic study and Quran. This way every child gets 2 periods of Arabic learning every day.

Tahfeez Program

We have a Tahfeez program utilizing our full time Mohafiz. He will give personal attention to every child and follow up with their memorization. Children continue their Tahfeez in a special after-school program which is coherent with the in-school program.

Our Teachers

Our teachers create that environment where Islam coexists with the modern world. For e.g. it is where our children learn that Science does not exist in isolation but it’s the laws that Allah SWT created before creating us as human beings. Moon School is where the educational philosophy and teaching practices will be consistent with Moon School’s mission statement and vision.