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Academic Education

We aim to ensure that children leave this school with the necessary skills for their future development. To that end we will provide a rich, stimulating diverse and differentiated curriculum, of which the National Curriculum is a part, which encourages exploration, reflection and progression and which acknowledges the pupils’ individual needs as they develop. The delivery of the curriculum through progressive and forward-thinking teaching will provide learning experiences which are enjoyable, stimulating and challenging and which encourage critical and innovative thinking.This approach will lead the child to develop a love of learning and to develop a focused approach to work and appropriate attitudes towards lifelong learning and to raise their aspirations
No education system can be world-class without valuing and integrating creativity in the curriculum and in teaching and learning. Children with English and Arabic as a second will receive assistance from teachers and other specialists within the school.

Cultural Education
Our aim is to provide greater awareness of cultural diversity and this will be incorporated into school life through their study of Science, Islamic Studies, Social Studies, Arts and Craft and all other areas of the school curriculum.
This aspect of education will, when fully understood, lead to respect and understanding of a dynamic interlinked and interdependent cultural development for the school and its community. This will in turn establish every child as a self-confident individual with a desire to enrich not only their own life but those of others.
Emotional Education
•    To help children develop self-esteem and self-confidence and to recognise that they have a worthwhile contribution to make to school
•    To nurture in all a sense of responsibility for the School, for the community and the environment for the benefit of their own future and the future of the world.
We will encourage the children to form firm relationships with their peers, their elders and the wider community. A paramount duty will be to promote, in each child, an understanding of their place in relation to others within a global society.

Physical Education
We aim to develop in each child a desire for self-fulfilment through the promotion of a healthy lifestyle.

The development of a positive attitude towards oneself hinges on a desire to respect the gift (Amanah), given by God, of our body.
The school will teach the full range of physical activities and will also offer a range of out of school activities as well as competitive sports. Through these activities pupils will learn to value the benefits which may be earned from both individual effort and team co-operation.
Our school will encourage the child to live by a code based upon:
•    A healthy life-style.
•    Physical well-being.
•    Modesty.
•    Abstention from abusive behaviour towards others.

Social Education
•    The development of responsible citizenship
•    Good behaviour and self-discipline, based on mutual respect
•    An acceptance that tolerance, between and within home, school and community will enable each child to grow into a responsible adult.
•    A realization that the common humanity we share unites us all and that we should strive to defeat the twin enemies of ignorance and prejudice.
A togetherness which both celebrates our differences and recognizes our mutual bonds.
Spiritual Education

We aim to foster in every child a sense of liberation, a sense of joy and a sense of awe together with an appreciation of the wonderful gift of life, within an Islamic framework.
In addition to formal subjects such as:

Computer Studie
Its curriculum also includes Islamic Studies subjects, namely
Arabic Language
Tajweed and Qir’at
Hifz of the Qur’an
Tafseer of the Qur’an
Hadith Studies
Seerah of the Prophet
Shari’ah and Da’wah

Formal subjects are taught with an Islamic understanding too, thus enabling the students to relate to the world from an Islamic perspective.

Dedicated and well-qualified teachers for all subjects, including those for Arabic and Islamic studies with graduation and doctorates from the Islamic University of Madinah.

Full time Child Psychologist for child counselling.